Results in Advance.

What Makes People Buy?

Being the guy with all the helpful info attracts prospects to you. It’s called Magnetic Marketing.

But how do you get people to buy what you are selling?

Results in advance.

The biggest secret to making sales of informational products is “Results in Advance.”

It is not to show screenshots proving your results. The secret is not to show a bunch of testimonials of other peoples that had good results with your product you are promoting.

The big secret is to convince your potential buyer that THEY can achieve results.

I have a video below that explains this better than I can, by a mentor of mine, Frank Kern.

Let me set up the video, and tell you a little story leading up to the biggest marketing breakthrough of all time. 

A long time ago a major league Guru by the name of Jeff Walker created a high dollar product called “Product Launch Formula”. This was the  formula  he was using to sell high ticket info products.

Basically “Product Launch Formula” replaced a long sales page and broke it down into sections spread over time. Walker explains that the key to the “Product Launch Formula” is to turn  marketing into an event and create a buzz and anticipation around the big launch.

He advises opening a conversation with prospects, getting them involved and excited in the sales process (soft-sell), instead of the traditional hard-sell  sales-page approach which raises peoples’ defense mechanisms. The sales process would involve several videos of a two week span. (You won’t have to make videos to take advantage of this)

A little later another Major League guy by the name of John Reese used this “formula” to launch a $1,000 product he called “Traffic Secrets”. He sold a 1,000 copies in one day to become the first marketer to break the $1,000,000 in a day ceiling.

A student of John Reese named Frank Kern stumbled onto the tactic of “Results in Advance” and applied it to “Product Launch Formula” He took the soft sell to a whole new level.

Frank used his results in advance tactic to sell a $2,000 product, “Mass Control” and he shattered the $1,000,000 day record, selling $18,000,000 in a few days.

I know you and I are not about to launch our own product, much less a $2,000 dollar product but the concept will work the same for your business or an affiliate offer. You don’t have to create a launch sequence. 

You can use this tactic in right in your free report, in an email sequence, via Instant Messenger, or a training blog. 🙂

Here is Frank Kern. He can explain it better than I.