Lifestylers vs. Hustlers

You see it all the time on Facebook;

“Im hustling, grinding and pumping 24-7 man!”

These are the Hustlers.

They never stop working.

They want world domination and a bajillion dollars no matter
what the price or sacrifice.

Then on the other side of the fence you see this;

“I just made a few hundred dollars while surfing. Gotta love the internet lifestyle.”

These are the Lifestylers.

They want to make enough money to sustain their cool lifestyle but they don’t want an office, staff or a bajillion dollars.

I’m a Lifestyler – how about you?

If you want to make super-good money which pays off your mortgage,
buys you all the holidays and toys you want but doesn’t cost you your
life or all your free time then listen up;

Normally you have to adopt the Hustler work ethic first to actually achieve Lifestyler status.

But not any more.

J.C. Dean